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ready to order?

1. Plan!

The first step to ordering is deciding on your desired pricing tier. Check out my pricing page to learn more about the price tiers I offer. I'll make sure that our designs match up to the tier and if my availability aligns with the tier you selected.

Next, confirm the date you are looking for. Make sure your party or event date is set and ready for some delicious treats! I tend to book out a few months in advance so the earlier you have your date the earlier you can book and reserve your date!

2. Send me an email!

On the bottom of this page you'll find a button that will pop up an email button. There you will fill out the information about your next cookie order!

You should hear back from me in 1-3 business days with a confirmation of your order and if I am able to fit your order into my calendar! Remember, I'm a high school student so I truly apologize if I'm unable to accommodate your order!

If I can fit your order into my calendar, we will further discuss designs and details to create the perfect set for your event!

Step 3: Payment!

Once all the details of your order are confirmed, I will send you a total and invoice to pay via Square. You will receive an email in your inbox that will allow you to pay via credit card. I do require full payment at the time of booking in order to reserve your spot. 

Step 4: Baking!

I'll get started baking, mixing, flooding, and perfecting every piping detail on your set!


Step 5: Pickup!

I typically schedule pickups for Friday evening or Saturday morning. However, if you are in need of an earlier pickup just let me know! The day before your order is to be picked up you'll be sent a reminder email with the exact address and possibly a sneak peak of your set too!

Step 6: Celebrate!

Cheer and celebrate because you just picked up the most delicious and gorgeous custom cookies personalized to your special occasion!

follow these next steps!

let's get started!

copy these questions and paste them into your email! Answer each question to let me know what you are looking for!

1. Name:
2. Phone number (as backup):
3. Desired pickup date:
4. Date of celebration:
5. What are you celebrating:
6. Theme/color palette/design info:
7. Desired pricing tier:
8. Total quantity:
9. Attach any photo inspirations to this email (ex. invitations, party decor, photos, logos

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