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hi! I'm Makayla 

I am a high school student, marketing enthusiast, and cookie artist with a passion for crafting beautiful and edible pieces of art for any occasion! 

I've always had a love for being in the kitchen ever since my hands could reach the counter. When I found decorated sugar cookies, I became OBSESSED and knew this was what I was meant to do!

As an incoming freshman at the University of Dayton, I need an outlet for my creativity to take charge and my mind to be set free. That is exactly what cookies have been for me- an outlet to let my imagination run wild and for me to have the opportunity to be a small part of your special occasions!

The beginnings

I've always been in the kitchen. Ever since I could walk and drag a chair up to the island, I was my parent's sous chef, chopping up ingredients, mixing batter, and kindling my love for cooking and baking. After watching seasons upon seasons of baking shows on Food Network, I would recreate anything they were cooking or baking. 

When I started to take my baking ventures further, I tried my hand at decorated sugar cookies. I created these adorable bunny cookies as an Easter gift for my friends. However, in that moment my mom saw my potential and quickly posted them to her Facebook. Orders came flooding in and Kaya's Kreations was born!

9 year old little me

first Kaya's
Kreations cookies!

Where I am now!

I'm currently a student at the University of Dayton and pursuing a degree in Marketing! Woo Hoo!! 

While I'm not cramming for my next exam, I LOVE creating custom treats for all your occasions! Whether I get to create tiny onesies for a baby shower, or caps and gowns for a new graduate, getting to be a small part of your special occasion brings me so much joy!

Kaya's Kreations has also grown into teaching cookie decorating classes!! They are truly a blast as I teach you how to create your own special treats. It brings me so much happiness to see the spark in your eyes when your cookies turn out even better than you imagined!


I've also started to dabble in public speaking! I've had the honor of speaking to girl scout troops, career day groups, and schools about entrepreneurship and how to start you own business. I love getting to spark the imagination of future entrepreneurs and hopefully inspire them to create their own businesses!

Another blossoming passion of mine is photography! I've always loved taking photos of friends, places I have been, and of course the classic selfies. But, I have taken that passion up a notch by investing in some nice equipment and bribing my brother and friends to model for me ;). You can check out some of my work below including my

graduation photos that I took and edited myself!

*hey, and if you would ever like to model for me in

exchange for a cookie or two (wink, wink) just let

me know.


Goodday Dayton news segment!

IMG_2461 (1).JPEG
me and taylor.jpg

A little about me!

I am...

  • an older sister

  • a taurus

  • a traveler

  • a music lover 

sweet treat about me ...

I love music!! Especially, live music and concerts! So, if you ever need a concert buddy you've got me :)

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